Bowsette Cosplay



- Bowsette Headband with 3D printed crown and horns on a plain black plastic headband with grips for support.

- Spiked Dog Collar to fit 13-14.5” neck. Genuine leather.

- 2x Spiked Bracelets to fit 6.5-8.5” wrists. (Extra hole punched to fit tightly around 6” wrists.)

- 2x Spiked Armlets to fit 6.5”-8.5” arms. (Extra hole punched to just about fit 9” arms. Note these are very small and I have yet to meet anyone with scrawnier upper arms than me.)

- Size 34D silky strappy body suit (worn for only 5 hours then washed, cleaned and ironed). I am actually a 32DD and this did not support my chest as well as I would have liked. Be aware it is more of a body stocking rather than supportive shapewear.