PRE-ORDER Fire Emblem Three Houses Enamel Pins



I have created these pins in honour of best girls Bernadetta and Lysithea! Bernadetta has her nickname 'Bernie Bear' underneath, and comes complete with bear ears and reclusive expression. Lysithea is afraid of ghosts, which inspired her 'Lysithe-ahh' punny name banner and spooky accomplices (she's not quite fond of them just yet).

The pins are 30mm tall, hard enamel with gold plating and rubber clutches on the back. Each pin will be sent out attached to a 55mm x 85mm matt rounded corner backing card.

Dispatched from Manchester, England (UK).
Estimated delivery: 3-7 Business days (UK) 10-25 Business days (Everywhere else). Click here for more information on shipping & manufacturing.

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