New Leaf Scented Candle


Designed for: Improving mood, calming nerves.

Take a relaxing stroll through your own New Leaf village and enjoy the yummy, refreshing smells of the fruit, flowers and grass growing all around you. This vegan, recyclable candle has been made with carefully chosen quality fragrances including pear, red apple, peach, freesia, rose, lily and freshly cut grass. Delicious yet uplifting!

Includes adorable miniature green leaf melts on the top of the candle!

Weighing a whopping 200g, this candle has a long burn time of 30 hours - just make sure to trim your wick after every use to ensure a small flame.

Created by Beacon Candles UK, stocked by Blue Potion Co. Dispatched from Manchester, England (UK).
Estimated delivery: 3-7 Business days (UK) 10-25 Business days (Everywhere else). Click here for more information on shipping & manufacturing.