Totoro's Forest Scented Candle


Designed for: Afternoon napping.

Whisk yourself or a friend away to a peaceful forest, surrounded by plush greenery and woodland flowers. This vegan, recyclable candle is a pastel green and has been made with carefully chosen quality fragrances, including wildflowers, pine, berries and oakmoss. Fresh and outdoorsy but with a light sweetness.

Includes adorable miniature Totoro wax melts on the top of the candle!

Weighing a whopping 200g, this candle has a long burn time of 30 hours - just make sure to trim your wick after every use to ensure a small flame.

Created by Beacon Candles UK, stocked by Blue Potion Co. Dispatched from Manchester, England (UK).
Estimated delivery: 3-7 Business days (UK) 10-25 Business days (Everywhere else). Click here for more information on shipping & manufacturing.