Final Fantasy Hard Enamel Pin Collection

$12.99 $11.99

***PRE-ORDER Carbuncle / Chocobo due to be sent out 25th February 2019***

The pins are 30mm tall, hard enamel with gold/silver plating (depending on the colour scheme of each character) and rubber clutches on the back. Each pin will be sent out attached to a 55mm x 85mm matt rounded corner backing card adorned with an all over Final Fantasy pattern.

Choose from: Moogle, Chocobo, Cloud (FF7), Squall (FF8), Vivi (FF9), Yuna (FF10), Mail Moogle (FF14), Carbuncle (FF14), Ignis (FF15), Noctis (FF15).

Dispatched from Manchester, England (UK).
Estimated delivery: 3-7 Business days (UK) 10-25 Business days (Everywhere else). Click here for more information on shipping & manufacturing.

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